What will make you last longer in bed.

What will make you last longer in bed.

Dear Friends,

  • Have you ever be frustrated because you don’t last longer in bed? Did You Know That Women Are More Worried About Men Not Lasting Long In Bed than 2 minutes or less?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed after having sex because of your poor “performance”?
  • Has any woman ever dumped you because you couldn’t satisfy her in bed?
  • Has any woman ever made fun of you because of your small penis?
  • Do you lack sexual confidence when you are around women?
  • Does the size of your Small Penis bring shame to you?
  • Inability to give a woman an orgasm
  • Inability to get or sustain an erection
  • Climaxing too quickly (premature ejaculation)
  • The erection is not stiff enough or doesn’t last long enough to let you see sex through
  • You have lost that lusting feeling, and you might even not fantasize about sex anymore

These and more are the problems many men are going though in their marriages /relationships.

Just read below, how women secretly talking about these issues behind their husbands in the comment sections of gossip blogs like Linda Ikeji Blog, Bella Naija and Stella DimokoKorkus Blog and many others.

  • I’m completely sexually unsatisfied in my relationship

We’ve only been dating a few months and he makes me happy in most other ways, but the sex is just nowhere near as frequent or intense as I want it to be. I don’t know if it’s because we are still getting familiar and he’s self conscious, or if that’s his preference. Right now, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt that it’s the former, but I’m secretly concerned that it’s not going to improve. I have never had this problem before. Being sexually frustrated is terrible. I had sex more regularly before I started dating him.

  • Unsatisfied with boyfriend sexually, but don’t want to leave him what should I do.
  • My girlfriend has told me that she is unsatisfied with our sex life. I saw a search on her computer for “my boyfriend is so boring in bed I’m frustrating with his inability.”

·      My boyfriend is boring in bed!

My boyfriend says he works too hard to try to get an orgasm when we have sex. Basically, I think he is boring in bed. What can I do to keep his interest?

I love my husband but he’s bad in bed, no chemistry                                                            

I am worn out and heartbroken. My handsome husband of ten years, who I love so much, has never had a huge sex drive, but it’s reached an all-time low. I am devastated and desperate- and he thinks everything is fine! Plus – oh, I feel so awful saying this- he is bad in bed.  Please help, or share your experience so I know I’m not alone- of course I think it’s mostly men who have this issue. But I feel like I’m dying inside from everything this represents about our lack of satisfying sex.  
I should mention, believe it or not, unheard of in this day and age, we waited until our wedding night to sleep together. I know, I know, I can feel the comments coming already… but it’s what we felt was right at the time. We weren’t virgins, we just wanted to do it differently with each other, based on our religious beliefs and feeling in good faith we were doing the right thing and making up for past mistakes. Well the wedding night was a major disappointment- but I figured it would improve as we got to know each other sexually. It didn’t.  
Truthfully our chemistry has never been right and I knew it from that first night- but you always hope things can change when you love the person so much..  What the hell?? I used to get so turned on with other men, just from making out like teenagers,  but I really enjoy sex (at least I used to, in other relationships) and I don’t feel apologetic about it.

·      I’m not happy in bed                                         I love the man I’ve been seeing for past eight months but he’s absolutely hopeless in bed. I love sex and it’s really important to me that it’s satisfying and rewarding. How can you tell if the sex is going to get better or if it’s a lost cause and I need to move on.

·      My Husband Doesn’t Satisfy Me Sexually, What Can I Do?

I am a newly wedded couple encountering problems in its sexual life. My husband is never having the desire for sex and when he does, he is only open to oral sex so that he can get in the mood. I do not get pleasure in giving oral sex to him anymore as I am not getting aroused with foreplay that I need from him.  My husband is mostly too exhausted to have sex and when he does have sex, he does not last long. He seeks only his pleasure and satisfaction which is why I haven’t had an orgasm since my marriage. I have been disappointed too many times by my husband in bed, I do not find sex pleasing anymore and can’t get excited even. I have tried to talk to my husband but he pays no heed to my feelings, which has left me clueless as to what I should do now and I need help.

My point is this…
Your woman may be secretly talking about your poor performance in bed without you knowing it.  Why? , Because she is not sexually satisfied.

Now, let me ask you this important question…

Do You FEEL Bad About Your Sexual Performance And Want To Change The Situation and Make Your Woman Happy? You are not alone! The situation can be changed, 100% guaranteed!

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